Hi there!
I am Priyanka Singh, a designer of Indian origin, I have always wanted to be known for nothing but my unique designs. I believe that finesse lies in intricate details, thus, I make sure that each thread of design in every cloth is perfect. My innate love for colours can be seen in my designs. I add hues of pastels that work wonders and have a timeless touch. When it comes to Indian wear, one looks for extravagant yet elegant pieces and that's exactly what I aim to achieve in my designs, specially with the alluring colour pallets, And while my outfits promise enchantment, comfort is not compromised on. After all, nothing's better than shining with pastels and being in your comfort zone!







What do we all love obsessing over? You guessed it right. It's the Indian-wear. No piece of cloth can bestow elegance like Indian-wear does. Your outfits need to complement your look, figure and your features. And I make sure that every outfit you pick does justice to you. The wide variety of cloth helps you choose the right dress for every occasion, be it a wedding or a festival. While you can choose to wear a classy statement outfit, you can also pick a fusion if in the mood to try something new. We make sure that you steal the show.



What is an outfit without detailing? In order to make every piece perfect, I pay attention to some intricate details. One of them being the Latkans. We customize latkans for every outfit, just the way you like it. That adds an extra bit of glamour to your outfit, thus making it more than perfect!